This has been a pretty big day for Sundance, including Twitter fights, the first big distribution deal and so much buzz it's as if Devin Ratray finally received the spin-off movie he deserves (Home Alone fans out there, say yeah!). Let's get right into it:

Celebrity sightings:
Obviously Kristen Stewart is still the big paparazzi draw of Sundance 2010. Entertainment Weeklyhas some photos of the actress with the rocker she portrays, Joan Jett. Other hot babes being sighted include My Blue Valentine star Jessica Alba in a fur jacket (via Celebrity-Gossip), Katie Holmes, who is in town to promote two films, Jared Leto (whose head Kevin Kelly got a picture of) and Bill Gates, who attended a screening for and applauded the HBO doc A Small Act. Less popular are regular Sundance-goer Paris Hilton and questionable attendeeJon Gosselin. Real indie film fans have also been crazy for sightings of Ronald Bronstein and the Safdie brothers.

Our coverage: Our team in Park City posted a number of reviews late last night and today. Here are some quotes from these posts:

Erik Davis calls the Facebook romance documentary Catfish, "one of the most fascinating stories you'll watch all year ... Revealing, profound and surprisingly therapeutic, Catfish is a must-see for the Friend-Me-Now generation, as well as a striking portrait of a modern-day online relationship from beginning to ..."

Scott Weinberg writes of Armless: "It takes a little while to warm up, but that's not a problem because Armless is packed with great performances ... hats off to director Habib Azar and screenwriter Kyle Jarrow for setting up an outlandish premise (sad man wants his arms taken off) and delivering a fascinating little handful of thoughts, themes, and ideas that might actually make one feel better about THEIR own 'creepy little secrets.'"

More reviews and additional buzz after the jump: