The last 24 hours of Sundance have been primarily filled with Runaways-related buzz, so much that I keep forgetting there are other movies playing in Park City this week. Seriously, Bob Berney is about to have another runaway hit on his hands. I've even seen a (highly re-tweeted) Tweet predictingKristen Stewart will get an Oscar nomination next year. I think the guy is talking about Welcome to the Rileys, but still. Between her two films, she's this year's queen of the fest. That said, I've tried to squeeze some other stuff into today's round-up of fest buzz and news, too:

Celebrity Sightings:
Radar Online saw Bill Murray of Get Low trying to dance despite a leg injury at the film's after party, which Risky Businessalso covered. Celebrity-Gossip caught some shots of Orlando Bloom of Sympathy for Delicious signing autographs andStephanie Pratt, who is in town for fashion and snowboarding purposes. E! spotted Ryan Gosling, of Blue Valentine, doing some snow tubing, while others saw him getting mobbed by girls on Main Street.

Our Coverage: "When you have Joan Jett telling you to f*ck your guitar ... Yeah, I liked it." That's from Kevin Kelly's write-up on the roundtable interview with The Runaways' Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart, the latter whom gives the quote of the festival with "P*ssy to the wood!" Kelly also interviewed their co-star, Michael Shannon.

As for reviews, Erik Davis callsDouchebag "great in its delivery of awkward, relatable humor ... it definitely packs a punch and creeps into those personal places you might not want it to explore," and says ofhappythankyoumoreplease, "the sharp-witted script -- combined with a watch-out-for-this-guy performance from Radnor himself -- will easily win over young, contemporary audiences desperately seeking a little more down-to-earth from their romantic dramedies." And Scott Weinberg writes of the Jack Abramoff documentary Casino Jack and the United States of Money, "the film could come off (to some, I suppose) as a left-wing hatchet job -- but it's pretty hard to argue with the most important facts: Abramoff and his chums swindled multiple millions from everyone they could, and they got away with it for a hell of a lot longer than they should have been able to."

Additional reactions from our team's Twitter feeds:
@erikdavis: "Really kinda fell in love with Cyrus." And "Exit Through the Gift Shop was a fun ride about an idiot who bumbled his way to fame, directed by the guy who helped him get there." And "Liked Holy Rollers - very Boiler Room-esque, but also very predictable."
@scotteweinberg: "
Added to the list of egregiously over-praised: HIGH SCHOOL. Fun concept, good cast, really runs out of steam." And "12th & Delaware is ... Damn. Precisely what a documentary film should be."

Lots more (Runaways and otherwise) after the jump: