Michael Shannon is a formidable actor whose presence on the screen (or the stage) can be intimidating, even when he's not delivering lines. Most of you have probably seen his Oscar-nominated role as John in Revolutionary Road, but he's also had turns in everything from Bad Boys II to Bug. He's normally not the nicest guy on the block in these projects, but he sure has a fun time owning the parts he plays.

The Runaways is no different, with Shannon portraying the real-life manager of the band, the eccentric and dominating Kim Fowler (pictured above on the left). We spoke to Shannon about playing that role in this film, about his love for theater, and what he has coming up next. I'm most looking forward to what he'll be doing in Martin Scorsese's HBO series Boardwalk Empire, but some of you might want to hear about the upcoming Jonah Hex.

Head after the break for the video interview.