Watch out Farmville and move aside Mob Wars, because the Wolfman is on Facebook.

In anticipation of the February 12th release date, Facebook is bringing fans of the iconic character The Wolfman: Legend of the Full Moon, an all new in-browser game that pits man against beast in an epic showdown. From the press release:

"In The Wolfman: Legend of the Full Moon" you can choose a side, build your characters, recruit friends, and battle anyone who will face you. Are you a WOLFMAN or a Hunter? Earn points for exclusive film content including free ringtones, wallpapers and clips."

* Set yourself apart from others with the application's customizable characters
* Check out the unique weapons and abilities
* Move to the top of the boards fast to gain rank promotions
* Send this to your fellow Wolfman friends and foes to earn a recruitment bonus
* Be sure to place high on The Wolfman leaderboard

The release of the game ties in with the brand spankin' new Wolfmanwebsite, which features fascinating lessons in lycanthropy as well as a look at the legacy of Universal Pictures' classic monsters through rare clips, images and music.

The Wolfman is directed by Joe Johnston and stars Benicio del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving.
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