Whether you're a hardcore pro-lifer or you call yourself uncompromisingly pro-choice (or, of course, if you fall somewhere in the middle), the fantastic new documentary 12th & Delaware represents your side of the argument remarkably well. But think about that for a second: Am I actually asserting that one little 80-minute documentary is able to capture both sides of this monumentally difficult subject? And with taste, class, and artistic craftsmanship, no less? Absolutely. What co-directors Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady (Jesus Camp, also great) have built here may just be the finest documentary film ever made about the abortion issue. (I certainly haven't seen them all, but this one's pretty damn remarkable.)

With no narration, only a small handful of on-screen facts, and a complete lack of talking-head windbag interviews, 12th & Delaware simply drops us right into the middle of one particular intersection in Fort Pierce, Florida. On one side of 12th street is an abortion clinic. Directly across 12th is a pregnancy care center -- the kind that actively tries to prevent women from having abortions. With picketers on patrol virtually 24/7 and with doctors forced to leave the facility beneath coats and blankets -- let's just say 12th & Delaware is not exactly a friendly intersection.