TitanicI never thought this day would actually come.

Back in 1998, $1.843 billion seemed like an astronomical number to me -- a number that I would never see in my own lifetime, financially, and certainly one that would never be topped by a bunch of giant blue creatures from the future.

But here we are. As of yesterday, James Cameron's 'Avatar' became the world's highest-grossing film of all-time, topping a 13-year record held by one of Cameron's previous films, 'Titanic.' And while I'm sure that many people are excited by the news, given the amount of hysteria that 'Avatar' has created worldwide, I can't help but feel a little disenchanted by it all.

It's not that 'Avatar' is necessarily a bad film. I appreciated the visual effects, admired the story and, yes, a lot of the 3D scenes were pretty awesome. And, to be fair, 'Titanic' is far from a great movie. It's cheesy, its dialogue is at times atrocious ("You jump, I jump, right?") and it didn't even deserve to win Best Picture in its year (hello, 'L.A. Confidential'!).
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