Surprise, surprise! Titanic has finally been de-throned. Just yesterday in our Weekend Box Office, Eugene Novikov noted how Avatarwas sure to become the number one-grossing film in the next day or two. Right on schedule, The Hollywood Reporter posts that Avatar is now the biggest-grossing film of all time. (However, the movie still has a short journey left on the domestic box office charts. It's at $551.7 mil, and needs to get to $600.8 mil.)

Titanic fell into the icy seas of the #2 spot early on Monday, as James Cameron's epic cashed in $1.292 billion worldwide. Titanic's record was $1.242 billion. As THR notes, these numbers highlight the importance of the foreign circuit, which is responsible for almost 70% of the film's worldwide revenue. (To continue the comparison, Titanic found 67% worldwide.) But the new twist this time around was that super-magic 3D technology. It has to be seen in all its third-dimensional glory, and for once, everyone is on-board hook, line, and sinker.

Finally, not to tarnish James Cameron's achievements, but the accomplishment does diminish once inflation is taken into account. If all money were equal, using the U.S. Labor Statistics formula, Gone with the Wind is still the top dog with $400 million in 1939 being over $6 billion now. ("One dollar in 1939 is the equivalent of $15.43 today.") Six BILLION. Can we ever hope to reach that terribly elusive inflation number? I mean, more time to catch it just means more inflation and a higher divide