IMAX has announced the Hubble 3Dwebsite has officially launched. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, the 3D film is the seventh film from the IMAX Space Team. Yes, IMAX has a space team, thanks to IMAX and Warner Brothers, with the obvious cooperation of NASA. The film covers six separate missions and is sure to be a mix of awe inspiring celestial images as well as an educational look at the telescope allowing us to see further than ever into the rest of the universe.

The flash heavy site includes details on six separate Hubble missions, the requisite gallery of photos, videos and downloads. While there is a Games section, it is not yet populated. In fact, several sections are still "coming soon," so you may want to bookmark the site and check back in the coming weeks. It's a bit spartan, and frankly the images aren't that impressive, but then again, I'm looking at them on an older laptop, and not in gargantuan IMAX glory.

Hubble 3D plays SXSW film festival before opening in IMAX nationwide on March 19th, 2010.

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