Gorgeous, isn't it? Thank io9 for pointing this out. I know, I know, talking about another's post about another site is not exactly breaking news,b but I was so impressed with the picture I couldn't help but share.

WebUrbanist has a post on Mars, particularly about life on Mars as portrayed in film and art from the twentieth century, including several urban landscapes. While we've yet to set foot on Sol's fourth planet, the idea is intriguing, and the Tim Landry image above is simply gorgeous.

Go take a look at WebUrbanist's post, which is chocked full of images, some as kitchy as Abbott and Costello Go to Mars poster, to renderings of imagined Martians, to everything in between. I'm suddenly in the mood to pick up my old copy of Podkayne of Mars, by Robert A Heinlein, one of my favorite childhood books. Podkayne would remind me there is a distinct difference between Martians and Marsmen.
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