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Looking for something good and geeky to watch? Check out this week's notable sci-fi home video releases.

(DVD and Blu-ray)
Bruce Willis and Terminator 3 director Jonathan Mostow team up for this serviceable but ultimately disappointing futuristic action flick based on the Top Shelf comic. Willis plays a cop investigating a murder in a world where everyone uses super-powered robot avatars. Bruno is badass as usual, but despite the cool setting and fun effects, the story plays out like a stock crime procedural.

Highlander: Immortal Edition (Blu-ray)
Who says there can be only one? After dropping on DVD in 2002, Anchor Bay is finally releasing Highlander: The Immortal Edition on Blu-ray. The HD disc repeats some of the special features from the old DVD release – commentary, trailer, deleted scenes – and boasts an interview with star Christopher Lambert and a three-part "making of" doc.

Sherlock Holmes (DVD)
The latest Asylum mockbuster pits Arthur Conan Doyle's beloved detective against dinosaurs, sea creatures and a steam-powered robot! Call it a "loose" adaptation. Torchwood's Gareth David-Lloyd somehow got roped into playing Dr. Watson, and Star Trek: Enterprise's Dominic Keating hams it up as baddie Spring Heeled Jack.

koenig inalieanableInAlienable (DVD)
Star Trek: TOS
's Chekov, Walter Koenig, wrote and produced this low-budget sf-tinged drama about a dude who's impregnated by an outer space "rock thing." Koenig recruited a long list of veteran sci-fi actors for the project, including Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica), Marina Sirtis (Star Trek: TNG), Erick Avari (Stargate), Alan Ruck (Star Trek: Generations), and J.G. Hertzler (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine). It's produced by Renegade Studios, the same folks that gave us the ultimate Trek fan flick Star Trek: Of Gods and Men.

The Real Ghostbusters, Vol. 2 (DVD)
The Real Ghostbusters is my favorite animated series of all time. It has everything – intelligent scripts, compelling drama, mystery, wit, slime, Arsenio Hall. Everything! This set collects 31 episodes of the '80s feature film spinoff plus some great bonus material, including visual commentary tracks and a documentary.
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