Sam Worthington is enjoying the huge success of his latest role in James Cameron's Avatar, but he's going to be trading blue for blood soon in Alex Proyas'Dracula: Year Zero. Yes, you read that right. The film is being budgeted at over $100 million which is not far behind the $165 million Universal has put out for their Wolfman redux.

Latino Review broke the news that the Terminator and Titans star will be cast as the lead in a story which chronicles the the origin of Dracula, combining vampire mythology with the history of Prince Vlad the Impaler. According to Dread Central, the film depicts Dracula as a tragic hero (and don't forget the tragic love story to go along with everything) amidst a dark age of magic and war. Sounding similar to Titans yet? Supposedly, he will be cast as a vengeful hero rather than the monster we're all familiar with from Bram Stoker's classic novel.

First the news about Jason Momoa as the new Conan and now this? Worthington seems totally miscast but I'm actually excited about Universal exploring the origins of Dracula's character. I adore the Victorian, Gothic leanings of the Dracula tale from Stoker's point of view but I've always been fascinated by the history of Vlad the Impaler. I respect Univeral's decision to take things in a new direction--giving the dark Prince more screen time, but I wish they would reconsider their leading man. Every depiction and account of Vlad the Impaler I've come across paints the Prince as noble and regal, yet ultimately terrifying. Based on looks alone, Worthington is completely off and I'm gritting my teeth thinking about that Aussie accent rearing its head like it did in Avatar. Also, what's up with the film's title? It sounds like a Dracula 2000 prequel. Let me know what your thoughts are regarding the direction Universal is taking with the fanged fiend.
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