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Whip It

Drew Barrymore directs Ellen Page in a coming-of-age tale set in the rough and tumble world of roller derby. As you might expect for the directorial debut of an actor, nearly eveyone in the cast gets their own moment to shine, which drags down the pacing, but overall this is bright and lively entertainment. Page is terrific as a young woman seeking to break out from a small town, but not certain she wants to leave everyone behind. Rent it.

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Michael Jackson: This is It
Jackson's tragic death converted behind-the-scenes footage into a must-see documentary for millions of his fans as well as the merely curious. "A strange, confusing look into Michael Jackson's world, or at least the version of it that his friends, family, and/or estate wanted us to see," wrote Cinematical's Jenni Miller. Jackson fanatics: Buy it. All others: Skip it.

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Bruce Willis stars as an FBI agent in Jonathan Mostow's adaptation of a comic book in which humans control artificial representations of themselves. Our own Jeffrey M. Anderson opined: "It's more of a thriller than a cautionary tale, and it doesn't go very deep in either direction." Sci-fi fans: Rent it. All others: Skip it.

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