Celebrity Sightings:
E! got a pic of Gerard Butler(Holy Rollers) during his half-day in Park City. And Radar taped a quick interview with Ricky Lake, who was swag browsing. Movieline overheard a security guard at the CAA party telling Sundance jury member Parker Posey, "I'm sorry. This seating is reserved," referring to a row of empty couches.

Our Coverage: Kevin Kelly interviewed Malin Ackerman, Kate Mara and Zoe Kazan of happythankyoumoreplease and shared a note from Exit Through the Gift Shop star Banksy.

"Wow. Truly, wow ... If Four Lions is not the best film I see at Sundance this year, then that's good news for me: that means I'll be seeing something awesome in the next three days," raves Scott Weinberg on the political comedy. And here's his thoughts on the abortion doc 12th & Delaware: "No bias, no editorializing, no bullshit: just some damn good documentary filmmaking."

Erik Childress writes that Buried "works as an all-out thriller, plus it comes pretty close to becoming a viable anti-war / pro-soldier statement as well ... but it is by far not a perfect film," while Eric D. Snider saysCyrus is "a warm, hilarious story that's as smartly executed as anything I've seen in a while"

As for our leader, Erik Davis attended a bunch of parties last night and gave the most positive buzz of the festival to some delicious-looking shrimp.