"No one cares about the man that goes in the box, they only care about the one that comes out."

So says a character in Christopher Nolan's The Prestige, a film that also included a character being buried alive. The difference between that film and Rodrigo Cortes' Buried is that we never had a point of view shot from inside the coffin. For 90 straight minutes.

From the opening breaths in the darkness, we are trapped along with Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) who wakes up in a wooden box with just a lighter and a cell phone to his list of assets. What we know is that Paul was a truck driver in Iraq, contracted by a U.S. company to deliver supplies. There was an ambush, he was knocked unconscious and now he is alone without the emergency contact number he was provided. You try calling any 9-1-1 line and relay this story to them.