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A look at tonight's sci-fi TV:

Better Off Ted, "Mess of a Salesman" – I can't think of a better way to cap off Better Off Ted's second season than with a guest spot from Warehouse 13's Eddie McClintock. OK, maybe a guaranteed season three renewal from ABC might top that, but McClintock would definitely be my number two. In tonight's (probable) season finale, McClintock plays Ted's older brother, a fast-talking schemer who screws over the company and corrupts Phil and Lem. Elsewhere in the episode, Veronica and Linda work together to help a charity for girls. (8:30 p.m. on ABC)

Human Target, "Embassy Row"Firefly's Sean Maher guest stars as a journalist who's poisoned after breaking a major scandal. Chance crashes the Russian embassy to find the guilty party and save his friend's life. Along the way, he meets Emma Barnes, a slick FBI agent posing, of course, as a hooker. (9 p.m. ET on Fox)

SciFi Science, "How to Become a Superhero" – Mad scientist Dr. Michio Kaku reveals the plans for his "super suit," a uniform that can give anyone who wears it superpowers. (10 p.m. ET on The Science Channel)

Shatner's Raw Nerve – Kick back with good ol' Shat as he welcomes guests Whoopi Goldberg, aka Star Trek: TNG's Guinan, and Mackenzie Phillips. (10 p.m. ET on Bio)

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