Who doesn't love A Boy and His Dog? People who haven't seen A Boy and His Dog, that's who. After all, I'm fairly certain it is a metaphysical impossibility for anyone not to get a kick out of a post-apocalyptic movie about a teenager (Don Johnson) and his telepathic dog who wander the junk-laden wastelands of the future looking for women and food. Well now Quiet Earth tells us an animated remake of sorts is in the works.

The man stewing it all together is My Suicide director David Lee Miller. Details are a little scarce at this point, so it's unclear whether Miller's A Boy and His Dog is a remake of Jones' film or Harlan Ellison's novella that it was based off of. If it's the latter, hopefully this time around we might see some of the mutated fallout victims the book mentioned that Jones' film never does.

With a tentative 2012 release date, this animated A Boy and His Dog is a ways away, but we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for any kind of clues as to the animation style, voice talent, and so forth.
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