If you give a million monkeys a million typewriters and a million years to write, one of them will eventually type Shakespeare. But if you give a million monkeys a million movie cameras and a million years to film, will one of them eventually produce Citizen Kane?

It's that kind of thinking that led BBC producer John Capener to create The Chimpcam Project. The experiment, which is being turned into a documentary special set to air on BBC2, saw a dozen chimpanzees with rugged, custom-made cameras filming their own home movies over the course of 18 months. Researcher Betsy Herrelko noted that the chimps seemed to understand the filming process. As long as the monitor on the camera worked, the chimps could make the correlation between what they were pointing the camera at, and what was being shown on the viewscreen.

Daily Mail reports that Herrlko would like to conduct the experiment with different animals. The chimps aren't particularly skilled filmmakers (big surprise), but with a little training and a bigger budget, we might be looking at the next Mark Region.

You can view footage from The Chimpcam Project after the jump.
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