George Lucas and musicals; not the first combination of genres and directors to come to mind, is it? But according to a Hollywood Reporter post, Lucas is planning a CGI-animated film. In fact, it's in preproduction at the Skywalker Ranch right now?

Lucas so rarely ventures outside the Star Wars universe since his first film centered on a galaxy far away in a time long ago. Maybe he's bored with Sith and light sabers? But as a producer, he's more likely to stray, and it looks like he's producing, not directing.

There's very few details about the production, which isn't surprising. Lucas is known for keeping his productions under wraps, and strategically doling out details to maximize buzz. All that's known right now is that Kevin Munroe is directing, and David Berenbaum penned the screenplay. Munroe directed TMNT in 2007 (his directorial debut), and the adaptation ofDead of Night, which recently wrapped production. Berenbaum wrote Elf and adapted The Spiderwick Chronicles.
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