I love it when I come across a French horror film that I've never heard of. Chances are, it's at least entertaining. The French have been kicking ass in the last few years. While none of them are perfect, the country seems to have unearthed a core of brutality that can cause even the most die hard horror maniac to stumble. Martyrs, Ils, Calvaire, Frontieres, Haute Tension, Inside. These are all recent, and all unrelentingly violent. Each of them is executed with gory conviction, ready to get under your skin and sock you in the stomach. And now there's another. According to IFC David Morlet's French horror flick Mutants will be make it's debut on their On Demand channel on February 10th. This one is very much in the vein of 28 Days Later, which I'll admit, is kind of a disappointment. While the French output hasn't been entirely novel, it's at least been a little 'out of the norm' from what we're used to seeing stateside. The premise of Mutants seems like a bit of bandwagon-ing, but I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

"In a world devastated by a pandemic virus that turns human beings into primitive and bloodthirsty creatures, Marco and Sonia set off to find a secret base to escape from the 'mutants'. When the latter attack them, Marco is infected. Little by little, he undergoes the same changes. Sonia, who is expecting a baby, is then forced to fight her worst enemy, the man she loves."

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