Gabriele Muccino is close to signing on to the Keanu Reeves film, Passengers. The Italian director of Seven Pounds and The Pursuit of Happyness is expecting to start production on the science fiction film this summer.

Keanu Reeves has been developing the film, which has been greenlit by Morgan Creek. The script is penned by John Spaihts, who also wrote the Ridley Scott untitled Alien prequel project.

The mid-budget sci fi romance is set on a spaceship where a computer glitch awakes a single passenger too early in the centuries long journey to a new planet. The passenger (Reeves) awakens a woman to avoid being alone for the rest of his life. The woman/love interest has yet to be cast, but the Variety report indicates they are planning to cast a "lesser-known" talent.

Muccino is a seasoned director in Italy, but I can't tell you anything about what his films are like. Reeves, we all know, whether you love him or hate him. It'll be interesting to see who's cast as the love interest. It could potentially launch someone's career, and without a known actress filling the role, it'll reduce expectations.

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