Naomi Watts returns to horror. After the soggy mess that was The Ring 2, Naomi Watts will star opposite Daniel Craig in "Dream House." It's being dubbed as a 'thriller,' so take that as you will. Whenever I hear 'thriller', I wince. It seems like the studio is afraid of putting the stigma of true-blue horror on the flick. That, or it will come out watered down like some Lifetime movie called, "Stop Touching My Daughter!" or some such crap. Jim Sheridan, who has mainly directed a bunch of Daniel Day Lewis flicks, helms this one.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the project is based on a spec by David Loucka, follows a family that finds the perfect home in a small town in Connecticut. But guess what? A bunch of people died there. Their new home was the scene of a brutal slaughter and it's possible that the murderer is still out there.

OK, as an editorial aside - Seriously? Have we not seen this 100 times before? Sounds more than a little bit like Amityville, does it not? A family moves into a 'perfect home' and it's 'less than perfect' history comes back to bite them in the ass. Considering that they're branding it a 'thriller' seems to indicate that they're keeping the supernatural element out of it, but still . . . did anyone look at this script and think it had an atom of originality? I don't think there's a one of you reading this who can't think of a similar story, aside from the Amityville Horror. Unfortunately, my gut is telling me that this will be more 'Cold Creek Manor' than 'Burnt Offerings'.

Production is slated to begin February in Toronto.
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