While a different French bad boy is terrorizing Sundance with his latest movie (that would be Gaspar Noé and Enter the Void), I'm at home watching a slightly more romantic French movie by Christophe Honoré -- a weird and wonderful hybrid of a musical, love story, and drama, Les chansons d'amour (Love Songs).

Ismaël (Louis Garrel) and Julie (Ludivine Sagnier) have been together for eight years, and, as we learn from their chansons, their relationship is getting rather rocky; adding a third party to the mix, Alice (Clotilde Hesme) certainly complicates things even more. The story and its songs are occasionally playful and sexy, or, as the movie progresses, plaintive and sad. I love this strange little French film and its audacity to turn a story about a ménage à trois into a musical, despite some frustrating twists.

My favorite songs from the movie, "De Bonnes Raisons" and "Inventaire," are on YouTube.com (but without lyrics), so after the jump I've also put the subtitled trailer on there for you to (hopefully) enjoy. "De Bonnes Raisons" is a quirky, bittersweet song where Ismaël questions why he is really still with Julie after so long ("Is it your lovely pair of buttocks / The fear of loneliness / Chance and laziness / Or a bad habit?"). "Inventaire" is more of a typical fight between lovers -- he leaves his pubes in the shower, she found mysterious panties on the floor, and her mom calls too often. Will they last? Both are upbeat and catchy, the characters playful and sensual, despite the lyrics.