You know how when you like a person, you're often able to overlook their faults? That happens with movies sometimes, too. The pot comedy HIGH School, for example, takes off at a rapid clip, tossing funny quips and amusing ideas at the screen, introduces us to a bunch of colorfully diverting characters, and then ... well, it sort of runs out of steam a little bit. But the flick spends a lot of time building up some good will in its first half, so it's like I said: I kinda like the flick, so I'm willing to overlook a few slow spots, stupid jokes, and clunky plot holes.

The premise alone makes me chuckle, and I suppose that's where the good will begins: Our hero is a high school senior who is just about to graduate as valedictorian before heading off to MIT. But during a nostalgic visit with his old buddy Travis (Sean Marquette), Henry Burke (the very likable Matt Bush) decides to take his very first toke off of a joint. Whoops. That's some really bad timing on Henry's part, because his officious stooge of a high school principal (Michael Chiklis) is planning a school-wide drug test for the next day. When Henry and Travis learn this horrific news, they set out to get the entire school wasted -- by lacing the bake sale brownies with concentrated THC crystals.