Ever wonder what happens to a lottery winner after he or she wins $2, $20, or (gasp) $200 million? You can be sure that filmmaker Jeffrey Blitz (Spellbound) has considered the question, because his latest documentary is all about that. Entitled Lucky, it's a slick and simple "human interest" sort of documentary (not unlike Spellbound) that may not shock you or change your world view -- but hell, it's pretty interesting to see what happens after a middle-class family wins $314 million.

Unfortunately, Lucky doesn't have the built-in charm that the young spelling bee contestants brought to Spellbound. The jackpot winners we meet are: a cranky old man who blew through his millions depressingly quick, a family of four, a Vietnamese immigrant who hit the numbers with seven co-workers, a grimy sadsac, and a mathematician. We also visit with a woman who happily drops $70 per day on lottery tickets ... but Lucky seems a bit more interested in the happy endings than the dour ones.