I was initially fearful for selecting Mel Gibson for Their Best Role; as we all well know, if there's an opinion to be had on the Internet, there's someone else perfectly willing to be unhappy about it. But in this particular case, the fact that there are several worthy performances to choose from speaks to this actor's popularity and range. Despite his notorious off-screen behavior, or at least prior to it, Mel has been the go-to guy for roguish charm for over thirty years and forty films.

So, try not to hold it against me when I decide that his vengeful side (as seen in the Mad Max films, Payback, The Patriot and this weekend's Edge of Darkness), his charm (What Women Want, Chicken Run) and his vulnerability (the first Lethal Weapon, Signs) meshed best in Ron Howard's 1996 thriller, Ransom.

(Besides, he's got two Oscars to comfort him for Braveheart's absence here.)
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