We assumed that the world of Zoolanderwas complete fiction, with its break-dance fighting, ambiturning, Derelicte, and killing the Prime Minister of Malaysia. There's no way Derek Zoolander and his shenanigans could be real, right? It's just about as likely as a school for ants. Nevertheless, Guardian writer Hadley Freeman spotted some real-life similarities, which she whipped up in a great piece called "The Amazing Truth about Zoolander."

In brief, her evidence: First, the ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia, made the following announcement: "There is strong evidence that the [September 11] attacks were staged [by America]. If they can make Avatar, they can make anything." Talk about a great conspiracy theory -- blue people created on-screen 9 years later means a worldwide lie. This antagonism of the U.S. is then merged with designer Vivienne Westwood's new homeless-inspired menswear collection. A quote from Westwood: "The nearest I have come to it [homelessness] is going home and finding I don't have my door key. I mean, what a disaster that is, dying to get in your house and you can't. And what if it wasn't there any more?" And finally, Cristiano Ronaldo's new Armani underwear ads, which feature him with a hand across his face, looking off into the distance. (Bottom picture at this link.) Freeman writes:
So to conclude, Ronaldo is being brainwashed to become a political ­assassin; Vivienne Westwood is trying to kill the prime minister of Malaysia, and, while I can't vouchsafe that Avatar proves America was behind 9/11, there does seem to be some kind of ­antagonistic US-Malaysia situation, and I would advise Mahathir to stay away from fashion shows.
Yes, it's silly, but you've got to give it to Freeman for finding some pretty applicable connections. Be wary next time you hear ... "Relax."

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