I'm not one to get really hyped up for films before their release, preferring to keep a level-head lest I build up my expectations to the point where I am let down more often than I am satisfied. With that said, when it comes to these leaked Green Lantern design pics, there's only one thing I can say: OOOMMMMGGGGOMG!!!1111!!!!!!!!!111OMGGGGGG!


Yes, I will be a total drooling idiot by the time Summer 2011 gets here, in anticipation of Martin Campbell's live-action adaptation of one of the coolest superheroes ever created, DC's Green Lantern. What we have in these leaked alien character designs are the potential movie versions of Abin Sur, the dying ring-bearer who bestows his power ring to Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds in the film), as well as Green Lantern Corps members Tomar Re and, below the jump, trainer Kilowog.
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