The latest big studio romcom is about to land in our laps with When in Rome. It has the requisite lovey dovey elements: The earnest wishes for love, slapstick hijinks, siblings having all the romantic luck, ineligible suitors, grandiose displays of affection... You get the idea. It's all right there in the trailer (although I do find myself chuckling at that dark dinner clip).

There's nothing new about the typical romantic comedy, but this one does inspire me to wish about a world that could be. What if Kristen Bell's cinematic career wasn't filled with romantic turmoil, but rather fare that would make Veronica Mars proud? Instead of the wish-stealing, retreating couples, and kidnapped spouses, what if we got roles that continued to make Bell a name of note? She's the Nancy Drew-esque star who, under the hands of Rob Thomas, inspired Kevin Smith and Joss Whedon to appear on the show. Critics and fans heaped praise on her performance as the teen detective, but as the show was axed, so was the same magic.

However, I think it's still there, waiting to be tapped. In honor of Ms. Mars and Bell's potential, here are seven roles I'd rather see her in. Check them out and weigh in with your own picks below.
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