Gary Oldman is one of those actors, or some might argue the only actor, who could give a chameleon a run for his morphing money. The man almost always dissolves into a role, whether it be dramatic, romantic, or just downright creepy adventure. He lets the actor melt away as the character reigns supreme. Having such a rare and invaluable talent, Oldman's been given some pretty wild roles over the years, and IFC's The Independent Eye has tried to come up with a list of the actor's strangest faces.

For any Oldman fan, there are some that immediately come to mind -- Dracula, Drexl Spivey in True Romance, Zorg in Fifth Element, and Mason Verger in Hannibal are just a few. But you might be surprised by their seven -- Drexl, Zorg, and Mason get their time, but ol' Vlad is nowhere to be found. Instead: Buford Dill from Nobody's Baby, Rolfe from Tiptoes, Commissioner Gordon from the two Batman films, and Gary playing himself in Greg the Bunny make the cut.

If it were my list, Dracula would be on there. Playing both pre-vamp Vlad and Dracula gave him two strange, morphing roles for the price of one. I'd probably include Immortal Beloved as well, since the man visually became Beethoven. Maybe the latter is off, since this is supposed to be strangest face, but if Rolfe is on the original list (a strange body, not face), and Gordon is, I'm adding Ludwig to the mix. But what about you?

Which Gary Oldman role shows his strangest cinematic face?
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