I didn't have the heart to shrink that picture, especially considering the subject. Prosthetics are becoming sexy.

In November I talked a bit about a Paralympian who'd been banned for being too fast. There's still a lot of controversy about that decision, which has been overturned and is still an unresolved issue. Now people are concerned about the allure of being faster and stronger. Taking in the picture of athlete/model Aimee Mullens taken by Howard Schatz (above), the concern is legitimate, if not immediate.

Popular Mechanics reports that director of MIT Media Lab's Biomechatronics Group Hugh Herr, is comparing the appearance of prosthetics and other devices as sexually alluring, from eyeglasses to prosthetics.

Dorothy Parker may have said "men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses" but those days are long past, even farther gone than the marketer who turned that phrase on its ear to sell designer glasses. But Herr is saying that not only are glasses a "sex apparatus," but that the sleek, performance enhancing prosthetics available to athletes today are augmenting their appearance as much as their performance. The prosthetics available today aren't the bulky awkward ones from even 20 years ago, but sleek designs that have definite sex appeal for their aesthetics alone.

Herr was speaking to Fast Company when he said, "Often people can have contact lenses, but they choose in certain social environments to wear their glasses, because it looks hot. People put glasses on to make themselves look more intelligent. To augment their appearance, not just their performance."

That's a lot to think about, especially considering I wear my designer glasses about 360 days out of the year, while my contacts case collects dust.

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