Mel GibsonNext stop for the Mel Gibson comeback train? The Cold War.

Well, not exactly.

Gibson is currently in negotiations to reunite with his 'Lethal Weapon' screenwriter, Shane Black ('Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang') who's directing 'Cold Warrior', a tale about a Cold War-era spy recruited to take on a terrorist threat from Russia.

It's the latest step in Gibson's resurgence onto screens since his last starring role in 2002's 'Signs' and highly-publicized DUI (and subsequent anti-semitic rant) in 2006. While he's currently in theaters with the thriller 'The Edge of Darkness', the former Mad Max's has an upcoming project slated with Jodie Foster ('The Beaver') and is starring in 'How I Spent My Summer Vacation', a thriller set in a Mexican prison, which Gibson also wrote.
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