This Friday, audiences will decide whether or not they're into a Mel Gibson comeback, but Hollywood seems to have tentatively decided they're cool with the idea. According to Variety, Gibson is in talks to star in Universal's Cold Warrior, a thriller that would reunite him with Shane Black, who is set to direct the film from Chuck Mondry's script.

The film centers on a Cold War era spy who is lured out of retirement by a new domestic terror threat launched by Russia. He's paired up with "a younger agent of the new school" and presumably clashes with that agent over the way things used to be. Variety isn't clear as to whether it'll have comedic elements like Black's other action films, or if it will be a dark and edgy thriller.

While Gibson has lined up a lot of projects in the last year (including a reunion with Jodie Foster in The Beaver, the Mexican prison thriller How I Spent My Summer Vacation, and the Leonardo DiCaprio Viking film being penned by William Monahan), this is his first foray back into a big studio picture. All of his other films, including Edge of Darkness, have been independently financed. Nevertheless, big and bankable names like Martin Campbell, DiCaprio, and Monahan have been willing to throw their lot in with him. Black has been struggling for a major comeback himself (and deserves one far more than Gibson), and the whole deal feels like someone's attempt to spin a down-and-out fairy tale. Still, I want to see Black's Cold Warrior and if Universal has to play Million Dollar Baby to make it happen, then I too will play along. Will you?
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