I'm going to sound like an informercial here, but ... Do you love watching free, 100% legal movies on the Internet? Do you hate having to slog through all those different websites before finding something to watch? Then have I got a product for you!

Well, not a product, but a website made/run by lovers of free movies. It's a free movie indexing service called Moviephiles.com. The Moviephiles crew scours a wide array of sites offering legal, cinematic freeness and add all the pertinent information into their database. What makes it better than similar sites I've stumbled across in the past, however, is that Moviephiles is remarkably efficient at delivering what you need.

First off, everything is indexed and sortable first by genre and then by year, rating, and Rotten Tomatoes score. That means you can hop on over to, say, the Documentary list and sort it by the highest rated RT score to, in theory, only look for the cream of the crop; though I suppose you could also use it to watch the worst rated free films on the Internet, as well, should you be out to waste time in earnest. Once you've got your list sorted how you please, you only need to click the Play button to head directly to your flick of choice. Easy as pie.

Being a new site, there are a few drawbacks, but the site's admins seem eager to address any and all criticisms. It seems they'll soon be adding an ability to sort by whether or not the film is available in your country (Hulu is US-only, for example) as well as expanding what sites they cull their master list from, but even without the scheduled improvements it's a handy resource for fans of free movies.
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