I am writing this column from my Ikea bed with a pounding headache. I am sick with bronchitis and, so far, resisting antibiotics in favour of tea and relaxation. It seems that everyone in Los Angeles is sick right now. Perhaps it was the rainstorms from last week. We are allergic to rain here.

With the little energy I had yesterday, I drove to the nearest grocery store and rented a film from a RedBox. RedBox sounds dirty, but it's not. It's a DVD vending machine that charges $1 for a movie. I scrolled through the various movie titles and settled upon an easy film which wouldn't require any concentration. I rented, yes, you guessed it -- a chick flick -- 'The Ugly Truth'.

At this point, I don't even really have to watch another chick flick to know exactly how it is going to unfold. Girl is single. Girl is lonely. Girl meets sweet guy. Girl meets another guy who she thinks is a jerk. Girl tries to connect with sweet guy. Girl wins over sweet guy. Jerk guy seems more appealing. Girl recognizes she is hopelessly in love with jerk guy. Jerk guy becomes a little nicer, but not quite as nice as sweet guy, which is what girl really wants anyway. The relationship starts. The movie ends. Wow, that story took two minutes to write. I wonder if I can sell it to Hollywood.