Apparently there are groups out there that think movies these days are convincing the youth of America that get pregnant while you're a teenager is cool. I guess the obvious bullseye here is Juno, though I still don't buy that anyone with a quarter of a brain watched it and came away with the message that getting preggers is fun. But whether or not movies getting teenagers pregnant is a real trend, someone out there with enough money to market against it does.

I present to you the trailer for 2028, a movie whose sole purpose is to convince little girls that getting pregnant will ruin their lives. Turns out it's not actually a real movie, but no one told some youngin's in Milwaukee that while they were subjected to a full-force ad campaign equipped with trailers, radio ads, billboards, and even bus shelter posters (I want one!).

Now I'm no marketing genius, but it probably would have been cheaper and more effective to just show all the Milwaukee gals the unedited copy of Inside while showing all the gents the joyous terror that is Teeth. But I guess telling them sex will ruin their lives instead of end them is somehow more politically correct.
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