In 1987, Oliver Stone brought us one of that decade's most iconic characters -- Gordon Gekko, the amoral corporate raider who takes a young stockbroker under his wing and teaches him the religion of making money, exemplified by the motto "Greed is good." As played by Michael Douglas, Gekko was slick, charismatic, brilliant, and utterly without ethics, and he came to represent the profit-at-any-cost attitude of the Reagan-era corporate America.

23 years later, Stone's revisiting Gekko with Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. IMDb has the teaser trailer, In which we see Gekko being freed after a long, long stint in prison (check out his brick-sized "mobile phone") and, presumably, having to rebuild his empire from the ground up.

Gekko's young counterpart this time around is Shia LaBeouf, reportedly playing the fiance of Gekko's daughter. It's a fair bit of casting, although it seems inspired more by LaBeouf's current hot status in Hollywood; in 1987, Charlie Sheen was a brilliant choice to play Gekko's protege, in no small part because Sheen's looks and mannerisms helped support the father-son subtext. Can the star of Even Stevens and Transformers stand toe-to-toe with Douglas on screen? It's hard to tell from the trailer, but it'll certainly be a boost to LaBeouf's acting cred if he pulls it off.