I try to keep abreast of horror films from all over the globe, but with more and more countries developing their own unique brand of fright flicks, it's getting harder to do. One of the places I really wish I knew more about is Thailand. I've seen some of the country's horror output in recent years, but not nearly as much as I should have. Hopefully I can start to remedy this oversight soon.

Luckily for us, our friends over at Twitch are very on the ball when it comes to Thai horror. Todd Brown and crew have pointed me in the direction of many cool films I'd have probably missed otherwise, and they're at it again today, sharing a trailer for the new horror movie Who Are You?

The film combines the talents of two of the bigger names in the country's horror scene, writer Eakasit Thairatana and director Pakphum Wonjinda. Thairatana co-wrote 13: Game of Death(which was released on DVD here in the States courtesy Dimension Extreme and is definitely worth a look) and Wonjinda directed Scared, a 2005 Thai gore flick that I've always wanted to see.

The two combine forces in Who Are You?, a new film that explores the Japanese concept of hikikomori--a practice where people become so reclusive they lock themselves in a room for years at a time. Check out the trailer beyond the break (it features English subtitles so you can even keep up with the plot). There don't appear to be any plans to bring Who Are You? to America at this point, but I'll keep you posted if that should change.

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