Miramax Films was born in the late '70s, the child of Harvey andBob Weinstein. The brothers, chilling in Buffalo, had produced a number of rock concerts over the years, and in 1979 (using their parents' names Miriam and Max) they used their cash to create Miramax Films and feed their love of cinema. The projects that would follow included The Thin Blue Line, Sex, Lies, and Videotape,Pulp Fiction, and Clerks. In 1993, they sold the company to Disney, and in 2005, they left their fully grown company to create a new shingle -- The Weinstein Company. Now they want their baby back?

According to Deadline Hollywood, London sources have told the site that Harvey wants to buy Miramax back from Disney, and is already working towards that goal. Since Disney isn't doing anything with it, assumption suggests that this should be able to move forward. Harvey has already grabbed Miramax executives Peter Lawson and Lucas Webb, which is certainly a step towards the goal.

The original break from Disney was due to feuds with Michael Eisner, who left the company himself in 2005. No Eisner, no fued ... Will the Weinsteins be successful? And if they do, would moving back to the world of Miramax renew their fame and success like The Weinstein Company failed to do? Is there that much in a name, even if it's named after one's parents?
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