Ol' Mel Gibson isn't the only actor circling a spy thriller. According to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision, Zac Efron is looking to get his own thriller in the works. Universal has scored the rights to Brian Michael Bendis' graphic novel Fire, and Efron will not only executive produce the film with his manager John Barrett -- he will also star.

Bendis has made a name for himself as a comic book writer penning the lives of icons like Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Spider-Woman, being one of the main architects behind Marvel's "Ultimate" line, and creating stories like the noir series Powers. Another of his works, which came before his fame, was Fire, the story of a poli-sci college student who gets recruited by the CIA for a special project to see whether ordinary folks could be successful agents. He becomes an agent, is placed overseas, and lives a life as a tricky CIA spy. Zac Efron leading a comic book film about a super-tough spy. Should he be able to pull this off, I think his fears of typecasting will be over. But that -- and the inevitable franchise opportunities if the film does well -- all rest on whether he can succeed.

Some have faith. Deadline Hollywood adds another project into the mix -- a "Back to the Future-like film that melds two projects" -- a pitch from Tim Calpin and Kevin Jakubowski and Algorithm, plus a project being developed for director Nick Stoller.

Do you buy Efron as a fresh, ordinary man-type spy? And some sort of time-jumping leading man, even after 17 Again?
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