Camelot's DarKnight Pictures will be releasing two horror documentaries, the subject of which is oh so sweet. Unearthed: The Hellraiser Saga and Zombie Culture: Documentary of the Living Dead will be produced by Anthony Masi (Halloween 4, Halloween: 25 Years Later, His Name Was Jason).

With a Hellraiser reboot (heretics!!!) on the way, it seems like the perfect time to release a behind the scenes feature. Unearthed will explore every facet and theme of Clive Barker's two decades of Cenobites in his beloved Hellraiser series. Meanwhile, Zombie Culture is investigating the zombie craze--delivering a retrospective on an eight-decade international obsession with the popular movie monster.

I'm ashamed to say I haven't seen His Name Was Jason but from what I've heard it was a decent overview of the Friday the 13th franchise, with a lot of great behind the scenes stories. According to one friend, the most amusing thing about the doc was listening to everyone try to take credit for revolutionizing the use of a hockey mask. Hellraiser creator, Clive Barker, has said the cenobite fashions and creature designs were heavily influenced by religious garb and alternative lifestyle fashions. This is just one of many compelling factoids behind the franchise so my bets are that Unearthed can't be half bad. As far as Zombie Culture goes--you can never have enough zombie anything. I do hope the documentary touches upon some of the social and/or political influences on zombie cinema. For me, that's a huge part of the undead appeal. What about you?
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