The show may be over, but the steady stream of merchandise isn't! Diamond Select Toys has three new Battlestar Galactica two-packs hitting retailers' shelves any day now.

The two-packs are divided into Boomer/Athena, Starbuck/Leoben, and Tigh/Gaeta. Leoben (played by Callum Keith Rennie) and Felix Gaeta (Alessandro Juliani) are appearing as action figures for the very first time, while others are getting new re-sculpts, the most noticeable of which is Saul Tigh (actor Michael Hogan) who sports his eye-patched look after losing his eyeball to Cylons during the occupation on New Caprica.

The figures look good, with slightly better likenesses on the male characters than the females. You can see larger photos of the assortment at
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