Oh, PETA, when will you learn that people will stop making fun of your crusade for the ethical treatment of animals if you stop making outrageous, implausible demands? I do appreciate your resilient campaign of tricking getting celebrities to pose naked in anti-animal clothing advertisements, but now you've just gone back into crazy mode proposing what sounds like a joke from Futurama.

The Daily Record is reporting that PETA thinks it is unethical to keep the famous groundhog Punxsutawney Phil in captivity just so he can walk through a tree stump once a year to amuse a small town. Their solution? Robo-Punxsutawney Phil! Yes, they're serious. From the official PETA website:

"With Groundhog Day just a week away, I've got a Bill Murray movie on my mind-but the classic Groundhog Day isn't it. No, I'm thinking of Caddyshack-and the scene-stealing Mr. Gopher-and hoping that the folks in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, take a cue from the humane concept behind that cinematic critter by retiring Phil to a sanctuary and replacing him with an electronic groundhog."

Silly, PETA, now what would that accomplish? We all know robots can't predict the weather; only groundhogs can.
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