In our latest Unscripted interview, 'When in Rome' co-stars Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel describe what it's like to work with each other in one word and Josh reveals his most debauched vacation ... painting on the beach.

Josh finds himself at a loss for words when asked to describe working with Kristen. "I was trying to think of a one-word answer that would encompass everything that is Kristen Bell." She, however, has no problem characterizing her experience with one word: "no." Kristen addresses her desire to return to TV and why being the voice of 'Gossip Girl' doesn't count. We also discover which three men Kristen would like to fight for her attention: Barack Obama, David Sedaris and Martin Sexton. "I like to let people know off the bat that I'm hardcore," she declares. We are inclined to agree.