Steve Buscemi in Saint John of Las VegasIn the new absurdist comedy 'Saint John of Las Vegas' -- loosely based on Dante's 'Inferno'-- Steve Buscemi plays a recently promoted insurance investigator sent to Sin City to look into a possible fraud case. A reformed gambling addict, he fights temptation along the way, before facing his demons head-on, which enables him to move on with his life.

There have been a myriad movies about gambling, gamblers and the fool's paradise that is Vegas. In many cases, the protagonist comes away with a valuable life lesson, generally along the lines of "stop while you're ahead" or "you can get away with murder in this godless place."

But there are other, equally valuable lessons to be learned, and we have culled some from our favorite movies set in or around the world of gambling. (Interesting note: several of these movies involve charismatic college professors).
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