Once upon a time, back in the '70s and '80s, when anyone mentioned "foreign horror" one of the first countries to spring to mind was Italy. Led by guys like Argento, Fulci, and the Bavas (father Mario and son Lamberto), Italy had a vibrant horror scene that appealed to anyone who liked their fright films gory and often filled with exploitation. Then, out of nowhere, the entire scene died. In the years since that golden age, all we've really seen from the Italians can be summed up like this: Mariano Baino's Dark Waters, Soavi's brilliant Cemetery Man, and the increasingly more erratic films of Argento.

Perhaps the winds of change are blowing. In the past few months we've heard about several "neo-giallo" films--including the luscious looking Amer (which wasn't made by the Italians but looks like it was), Gabriele Albanesi's In the Mouth of Ubaldi Terzani, and now this trailer and plot breakdown for Paolo Fazzini's Mad in Italy. Could spaghetti horror be making a comeback? I hope so.

Mad in Italy will be Fazzini's first feature, but he's intimately familiar with Italy's horror history roots. His last project, Hanging Shadows, was a historical overview of the Italian horror scene in its heyday. It seems like the subject matter rubbed off on him since his feature is being described as "...a disturbing psychological based on true events about one girl's ordeal to stay alive at the hands of a young maniac."

No official release date has been announced, but you can take a peek at the newest trailer after the jump.

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