Brothers Mark Duplass and Jay Duplass are responsible for movies like The Puffy Chair, and Baghead, and they're back at Sundance with their new film Cyrus. However, they're also here as producers on The Freebie (directed by Mark's wife Katie Aselton), on Bass Ackwards, and on Lovers of Hate, directed by their friend Brian Poyser. So they've virtually transformed themselves into a mini-major on their own, directing their own films and helping others get theirs made.

But it hasn't gone to their heads. Which is very lucky, because it means they're still fans of Cinematical. Once you get to superstar Scorsese-level, who has time for film blogs? We talked to Mark & Jay at Sundance, and you can watch the video interview after the jump. They talk about Jonah Hill (who is impressive in this movie, which has as much drama as it does comedy), John C. Reilly, and Marisa Tomei, and what they've been up to at the festival. Head on through and check it out.