There have been a lot of little strange and fun nibblets on the web this week while folks were busy in Sundance:

If you're a fan of Harry Potter, just wait -- Warner Brothers is planning to leave itself a permanent studio in the UK, where you can take tours of areas like the great hall. [Leaky Cauldron]

Do you think you could learn more about inner workings of the brain if it came directly from John Cleese? [Boing Boing]

If the whole muddled world of vampire lore has got you confused, Geeologie found Wikipedia's comparison chart of vampire characteristics, from Dracula down to fang-free Edward.

Jean Claude Van Damme is returning to Kickboxer! Okay, not quite. Instead, it turns out that the Muscles from Brussels wants to unleash his moves on "Olympian gold medalist Thai boxer Somluck Kamsing, age 37 who supposedly holds over 300 bouts under his belt. Some may recognized him for his film appearances in the Thai actioner Born to Fightand the Director's cut of Fearless with Jet Li." How will he fare all these years later? He's still tough, but those muscles aren't as ... robust these days. [Twitch]

Finally, I don't know about you, but I always wanted to see Susan Sarandon slap a pig on stage. Hit the jump to watch her law down the law to the porcine population.
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