If you're unfamiliar with After Dark Films' Horrorfest, its intentions are this: Scour film festivals and film markets for great new genre fare to be part of an eight-strong lineup of films called Horrorfest. Theaters around the US can then choose to partake in said lineup, in turn bringing the 'fest experience' to those who can't travel around the world to actual film festivals to see said films. Unfortunately, the reality of Horrorfest is a little different.

They do indeed scour film markets for acquisitions, but most buzz-worthy horror films tend to attract larger distributors with deeper pockets. That means that the actual pool of festival favorites that ADF has to chose from is rather shallow. Making matters worse, over the last few years theaters have realized that Horrorfest doesn't have big enough films or a big enough advertising presence to make partaking in the fest worthwhile. So instead of having the "fest experience" brought to your local multiplex, chances are you'll have to drive quite a ways to even find a theater offering their slate.

It's not a particularly great business model (if next year's Horrorfest isn't an On Demand operation, I'll be stunned), but there is a worthwhile goal backing the whole thing. That's why I feel bad complaining that Horrorfest 4 is the third year in a row that would require a 2+ hour road trip to join in on this end. Fortunately for me, I've already seen half of their lineup...

Dread, Kill Theory, Lake Mungo, Hidden, The Final, The Graves, The Reeds, and Zombies of Mass Destruction.