As far as Hollywood movie stars go, there are two outspoken comic book geeks -- Nicolas Cage (who named his own son Kal-El) and Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson's fandom was honored by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch when they chose to model Marvel's "Ultimate" version of Nick Fury after the actor. As luck would have it, when Marvel Studios started putting together their own films, it cleared the way for Jackson to actually play the character that was based on himself.

I wonder if that kind of thinking was behind Jackson's first foray into comics as a creator -- basing the likeness on himself so that he'd be the most likely candidate for the eventual film. He's collaborating with his Afro Samurai co-creator Eric Calderon to bring Cold Space, a four-issue sci-fi/action comic book mini-series, to Boom! Studios.

The series focuses on an opportunist who crash lands on a planet in the midst of a civil war, discovering a way to play both factions against each other for his own personal gain. Jackson and Calderon will handle scripting duties for artist Jeremy Rock, with covers by Dave Johnson and Jeffrey Spokes.

The first issue will hit the stands Spring 2010, according to Newsarama.
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