Sarah Polley's influence on Hollywood is nothing short of stunning, from her strength as a child actor fighting against Disney, to the prime roles she plays (The Sweet Hereafter, The Weight of Water), to the surprising pulp she picks so well (Dawn of the Dead). But she really made her mark when she slipped into the directorial chair for her first feature, Away From Her. Adapted from an Alice Munro story, the film earned not only critical success, but also two Oscar nominations. And now -- no joke -- she's gearing up for a feature with Seth Rogen and Michelle Williams.

Deadline Hollywood
reports that she has secured financing for her 2009 Black List script Take This Waltz, with Rogen and Williams starring alongside one more, yet unpicked, actor. Centering on a romantic triangle, Williams will play a 20-something woman whose eyes wander towards her neighbor after 5 years of marriage. "The two begin an awkward flirtation, which soon threatens to blossom into something more."

The project is zooming forward quite quickly, and Polley plans to start production this July in Toronto -- with, one would assume, the classic Leonard Cohen song leading them along. It might be another romantic triangle for the director, but they still sound worlds apart. Gordon Pinsent to ... Seth Rogen? I don't know about you, but I'm dying to hear her elaborate on that choice. Do you think Rogen can pull off an indie romance?
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